Q. How do I measure my frame?  

A. It is measured by the size of the print or mirror itself.

Q. Can I get a frame or mirror that is measured by the
outside of the frame?

A. Yes we do custom sizes typically the frames are about 3"
wide so if you subtract 6" from your space size that is about
the print or mirror size.

Q. Can I order any size frame I want?

A.  Yes we have made them from 5 x 7  up to 48 x 96.

Q. How do I custom order a frame?

A.  E-mail us with the size and a zip code we will get you a
quote and set up a add to cart button on the special orders

Q. Is there additional cost to custom orders?

A.  No not typically unless it is for a unusual request. Such
as a frame to surround for a LCD screen or flat screen TV.
Both of witch we have made.

Q. How do I find the shipping on a frame?

A. Hit the add to cart button on the frame you would like
and the shipping shows up. To remove the from your cart
check the remove box and click on the update box.

Q. Can I get a discount on shipping when buying  more
than one frame?

A. Yes normally the shipping will be the largest frame and
2-3 dollars for each additional frame. This depends on the
size and if there is glass in it or not.

Q.  How do I get a discount on shipping?

A.  E-mail us with the frames you would like and we will get
you a quote and put a add to cart button up on our special
orders page.
Q. How are your frames shipped?

A.  Most often by United States Postal Service (USPS)
every thing up to 30 x 30 goes that way and any bigger
ones if possible.  Anything larger has to go by Fed Ex and
there Freight costs are much higher.  Again e-mail your
size and zip code and we will get you a quote.

Q. If I am Going to be in the Hinckley MN area can I pick up
my frame order?

A.  Yes with prior arrangements we will set it up for you to
pick it up.
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